Meet Margaret Mansaray CEO Women in Energy

Meet Margaret Mansaray CEO Women in Energy

Introducing Margaret Mansaray, the visionary CEO of Women in Energy, a trailblazing enterprise with a mission rooted in leveraging cutting-edge technology to uplift lives. At the core of their pioneering journey is a locally owned and operated smart green stove meticulously designed to effectively manage and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and health risks which affect women and girls in Africa and a pressing concern for communities far and wide.

Margaret’s path to success took a significant leap in 2022 when she gained entry into the esteemed SLEDP (Sierra Leone Economic Diversification  Project) project. Guided by the expertise of Innovation SL, she successfully navigated the challenges that typically accompany the inception of a startup. This vital support paved the way for her to meet the surging demand for her products.

The stove has an insulator that absorbs most of the heat and that makes the stove nearly smokeless, reducing the emission that would be released into our environment and taken/ inhaled  in by those cooking a meal. In recent studies it was found out that inhaling the smoke of typical cooking stoves while cooking in less than an hour can have an equivalent impact to that of smoking cigarettes.

It has a chimney that can be opened and closed to ensure efficient combustion , that helps regulate temperature and minimizes the loss of heat.and the awesome part is that the device is portable suitable for both indoor and outdoor use,and it comes with a two year guarantee and after this period the insulator needs to  be replaced

Margaret made this masterpiece with the thought of women and girls in mind and with this product women and girls will have less time preparing food and that saves them Energy .Women in Energy launched this product inorder to improve the lives of women and girls in Sierra Leone.

With the stove you get instructions for making Green Briquettes from trees like coconuts which have high calorific content. To know more about Margarets good work and product  kindly follow her on the below pages : website – womeninenergysl.com

  • Email- womeninenergysl2020@gmail.com

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